Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
August 2012
Vol. 21. No. 2.
Pages 113-221
Special Issue: Evidence-Based Programs for Children, Youth and Families: Introduction to the Special Issue
Guest Editor: Joaqu??n de Paul
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Free articleParent-Child Interaction Therapy: Enhancing Parent-Child Relationships
Anthony J. Urquiza, Susan Timmer
Psychosocial Intervention 21 (2012) 145-56
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Free articleSafeCare®: Historical Perspective and Dynamic Development of an Evidence-Based Scaled-Up Model for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment
Katelyn M. Guastaferro, John R. Lutzker, Megan L. Graham, Jenelle R. Shanley, Daniel J. Whitaker
Psychosocial Intervention 21 (2012) 171-80
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Free articleBlueprints for Europe: Promoting Evidence-Based Programmes in Children's Services
Nick Axford, Delbert S. Elliott, Michael Little
Psychosocial Intervention 21 (2012) 205-14
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