Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
December 2012
Vol. 21. No. 3.
Pages 225-341
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Free articleThe Role of Theory in Developing Psycho-Environmental Interventions (Manuscript in Spanish)
Jorge Raúl Palacios Delgado, José Marcos Bustos Aguayo
Psychosocial Intervention 21 (2012) 245-57
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Free articleCompetent Parents, Protected Children: Outcomes Evaluation of the “Viviendo en Familia” Program (Manuscript in Spanish)
Esteban Gómez, Bernardita Cifuentes, Cecilia Ortún
Psychosocial Intervention 21 (2012) 259-71
Abstract - PDF
Free articleSubjective well-being of the Adolescents: A Comparative Study between Argentina and Brazil (Manuscript in Spanish)
Jorge Castellá Sarriera, Enrique Saforcada, Graciela Tonon, Lía Rodríguez de La Vega, Schelica Mozobancyk, Livia Maria Bedin
Psychosocial Intervention 21 (2012) 273-80
Abstract - PDF
Free articlePsychosocial Factors Associated with the Well-Being of Colombian Immigrants to Spain (Manuscript in Spanish)
Javier Murillo Muñoz, Fernando Molero Alonso
Psychosocial Intervention 21 (2012) 319-29
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