Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
April 2013
Vol. 22. No. 1.
Pages 1-79
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Free articleChildren at risk: Assessment of a self-esteem improvement program (Manuscript in Spanish)
Francisco González Sala, Adelina Gimeno Collado
Psychosocial Intervention 22 (2013) 1-5
Abstract - PDF
Free articleGender differences in adolescents’ lifestyles (Manuscript in Spanish)
Ángel Hernando, Alfredo Oliva, Miguel Ángel Pertegal
Psychosocial Intervention 22 (2013) 15-23
Abstract - PDF
Free articleSchool violence: An analysis from different interaction contexts (Manuscript in Spanish)
Rosa María Varela Garay, María Elena Ávila, Belén Martínez
Psychosocial Intervention 22 (2013) 25-32
Abstract - PDF
Free articleThe efficacy of the MMPI-A in bullying forensic cases: Malingering and psychological injury (Manuscript in Spanish)
Mercedes Novo, Francisca Fariña, Dolores Seijo, Ramón Arce
Psychosocial Intervention 22 (2013) 33-40
Abstract - PDF
Free articleSocial Cognitive Maps. A method for identifying social groups in natural settings (Manuscript in Spanish)
Francisco Juan García Bacete, Ghislaine Marande Perrin
Psychosocial Intervention 22 (2013) 61-70
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Free articleTips for writing a publishable qualitative article in Psychology (Manuscript in Spanish)
Cristian Suárez Relinque, Gonzalo del Moral Arroyo, Manuel Tomás González Fernández
Psychosocial Intervention 22 (2013) 71-9
Abstract - PDF