Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
August 2013
Vol. 22. No. 2.
Pages 81-160
Special Issue: La intervenci??n con hombres condenados por violencia de pareja contra la mujer en Espa??a: Investigaci??n y avances en intervenci??n.
Guest Editor: Marisol Lila
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Free articleEfficacy of an intervention program for court-ordered intimate partner offenders (Manuscript in Spanish)
Meritxell Pérez Ramírez, Andrea Giménez-Salinas Framís, Manuel de Juan Espinosa
Psychosocial Intervention 22 (2013) 105-14
Abstract - PDF
Free articlePartner violence from three perspectives: Victims, abusers, and professionals (Manuscript in Spanish)
Santiago Boira, Pablo Carbajosa, Chaime Marcuello
Psychosocial Intervention 22 (2013) 125-33
Abstract - PDF
Free articleDo offenders with alcohol problems benefit from non-alcohol oriented batterer intervention programs? (Manuscript in Spanish)
Alba Catalá-Miñana, Marisol Lila, Raquel Conchell, Ángel Romero-Martínez, Luis Moya-Albiol
Psychosocial Intervention 22 (2013) 135-43
Abstract - PDF
Free articleBatterer intervention programmes: A meta-analytic review of effectiveness
Esther Arias, Ramón Arce, Manuel Vilariño
Psychosocial Intervention 22 (2013) 153-60
Abstract - PDF
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