Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
April 2014
Vol. 23. No. 1.
Pages 1-78
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Free articleThe reduction of prejudice towards Gypsies in real life: Effects of visiting the exhibition “Vidas Gitanas (Lungo Drom)” (Manuscript in Spanish)
Ana Urbiola, Guillermo B. Willis, Josefa Ruiz-Romero, Miguel Moya
Psychosocial Intervention 23 (2014) 11-6
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Free articlePredicting life satisfaction in Angolan elderly: The moderating effect of gender (Manuscript in Spanish)
Melchor Gutiérrez, Laura Galiana, José Manuel Tomás, Patricia Sancho, Enrique Sanchís
Psychosocial Intervention 23 (2014) 17-23
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Free articleParenting stress, coping strategies and risk assessment in mothers from at-risk families assisted by Child and Family Protection Services (Manuscript in Spanish)
Javier Pérez Padilla, Susana Menéndez Álvarez-Dardet, María Victoria Hidalgo
Psychosocial Intervention 23 (2014) 25-32
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Free article“It's like you’re actually playing as yourself”: Development and preliminary evaluation of ‘Green Acres High’, a serious game-based primary intervention to combat adolescent dating violence+
Erica Bowen, Kate Walker, Matthew Mawer, Emma Holdsworth, Emma Sorbring, Bo Helsing, Annette Bolin, Eline Leen, Paul Held, Valère Awouters, Sebastiaan Jans
Psychosocial Intervention 23 (2014) 43-55
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Free articlePsychosocial adjustment in aggressive popular and aggressive rejected adolescents at school+
Estefanía Estévez, Nicholas P. Emler, María J. Cava, Cándido J. Inglés
Psychosocial Intervention 23 (2014) 57-67
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Free articleSocialization contexts and illegal drug use among schooled adolescents (Manuscript in Spanish)
Juan Carlos Sánchez-Sosa, María Elena Villarreal-González, María Elena Ávila Guerrero, Alejandro Vera Jiménez, Gonzalo Musitu
Psychosocial Intervention 23 (2014) 69-78
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