Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
August 2015
Vol. 24. No. 2.
Pages 63-120
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Free articlePsychometric analysis of the Scale of Teacher's Perception of School Adjustment (PROF-A) (Manuscript in Spanish)
María-Jesús Cava, Amapola Povedano, Sofía Buelga, Gonzalo Musitu
Psychosocial Intervention 24 (2015) 63-9
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Free articleForgiveness for transgressions in interpersonal relationships (Manuscript in Spanish)
Ana Mª Beltrán-Morillas, Inmaculada Valor-Segura, Francisca Expósito
Psychosocial Intervention 24 (2015) 71-8
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Free articleSpirituality in palliative care: Evidence of counselling (Manuscript in Spanish)
David Rudilla, Amparo Oliver, Laura Galiana, Pilar Barreto
Psychosocial Intervention 24 (2015) 79-82
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Free articlePublic child welfare staff knowledge, attitudes, and referral behaviors for an evidence based parenting program
Daniel J. Whitaker, Jessica S. Rogers-Brown, Melissa Cowart-Osborne, Shannon Self-Brown, John R. Lutzker
Psychosocial Intervention 24 (2015) 89-95
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