Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
April 2016
Vol. 25. No. 1.
Pages 1-62
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Free articlePredictive effectiveness of the police risk assessment in intimate partner violence (Manuscript in Spanish)
Juan José López-Ossorio, José Luis González-Álvarez, Antonio Andrés-Pueyo
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 1-7
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Free articleFear, conformity and silence. Intimate partner violence in rural areas of Ecuador (Manuscript in Spanish)
Santiago Boira, Pablo Carbajosa, Raquel Méndez
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 9-17
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Free articleForgiveness and reconciliation in the context of the Colombian armed conflict (Manuscript in Spanish)
Ángela Cortés, Ana Torres, Wilson López-López, Claudia Pérez D., Claudia Pineda-Marín
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 19-25
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Free articleUniversal violence and child maltreatment prevention programs for parents: A systematic review
Elisa Rachel Pisani Altafim, Maria Beatriz Martins Linhares
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 27-38
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Free articleSpanish adaptation of the Participatory Behaviors Scale (PBS)
Alejandro Magallares, Cosimo Talò
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 39-44
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Free articleRelationship of Social Network to Protective Factors in Suicide and Alcohol Use Disorder Intervention for Rural Yup’ik Alaska Native Youth
Jacques Philip, Tara Ford, David Henry, Stacy Rasmus, James Allen
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 45-54
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