Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
December 2016
Vol. 25. No. 3.
Pages 135-202
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Free articleBarriers to HIV testing among adolescents in Spain (Manuscript in Spanish)
Alexandra Morales, José P. Espada, Mireia Orgilés
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 135-41
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Free articlePrejudice in practitioners who work with socially excluded people in Andalusia: A dual process approach (Manuscript in Spanish)
José-Luis Álvarez-Castillo, Rafael Corpas-Reina, Carmen Corpas-Reina
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 149-58
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Free articleBatterer intervention programs in Spain: The professionals’ perspective (Manuscript in Spanish)
Victoria A. Ferrer-Perez, Virginia Ferreiro-Basurto, Capilla Navarro-Guzmán, Esperanza Bosch-Fiol
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 159-68
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Free articlePerceived needs in domestic work and care: A qualitative study (Manuscript in Spanish)
Luz M. Martínez, Alba Catalá-Miñana, M. Carmen Peñaranda
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 169-78
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Free articleThe role of political affiliation in the beliefs and discourses legitimising corruption (Manuscript in Spanish)
Wilson López-López, Diana Roa, María Alejandra Roa, Andrea Correa-Chica, Claudia Pérez-Durán, Claudia Pineda-Marín
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 179-86
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Free articleGestational surrogacy: Psychosocial aspects
Nicolás Ruiz-Robledillo, Luis Moya-Albiol
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 187-93
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Free articleWhat is the personal experience of jobseekers with severe mental illness undertaking a cognitive remediation program?
Natalia A. Contreras, Ellie Fossey, David J. Castle, Carol Harvey, Caroline Crosse, Dea Morgain, Susan L. Rossell
Psychosocial Intervention 25 (2016) 195-201
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