Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
April 2017
Vol. 26. No. 1.
Pages 1-62
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Free articleSense of community, fatalism and participation in socio-economic crisis contexts (Manuscript in Spanish)
Macarena Vallejo-Martín, María del Pilar Moreno-Jiménez, María Luisa Ríos-Rodríguez
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 1-7
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Free articleWomen victims of gender violence in shelters: Sociodemographic and maltreatment characteristics (Manuscript in Spanish)
Liria Fernández-González, Esther Calvete, Izaskun Orue
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 9-17
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Free articleDynamic factors in the behavior of young offenders with social adjustment. A study of recidivism (Manuscript in Spanish)
José Javier Navarro-Pérez, Enrique Pastor-Seller
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 19-27
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Free articleThe link between vulnerability and social exclusion and criminal trajectories. An association study (Manuscript in Spanish)
Francesc X. Uceda-Maza, Javier Domínguez Alonso
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 29-37
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Free articleSubjectivity construction in school failure paths. Transition pathways provided for labour insertion for adolescents at risk (Manuscript in Spanish)
Míriam Abiétar-López, Almudena A. Navas-Saurin, Fernando Marhuenda-Fluixá, Francesca Salvà-Mut
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 39-45
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Free articleAsylum-seeking children in Spain: Needs and intervention models (Manuscript in Spanish)
Amaia Bravo, Iriana Santos-González
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 55-62
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