Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
August 2017
Vol. 26. No. 2.
Pages 63-130
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Free articleACT Raising Safe Kids Program to promote positive maternal parenting practices in different socioeconomic contexts
Maria Eduarda André Pedro, Elisa Rachel Pisani Altafim, Maria Beatriz Martins Linhares
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 63-72
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Free articleBreaking barriers: An education and contact intervention to reduce mental illness stigma among Indian college students
Kanika K. Ahuja, Megha Dhillon, Anisha Juneja, Bhuvaneswari Sharma
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 103-9
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Free articleWould I leave my partner? Influence of severity of the transgression, satisfaction and commitment on the decision making (Manuscript in Spanish)
Marta Garrido-Macías, Inmaculada Valor-Segura, Francisca Expósito
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 111-6
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Free articlePsychosocial variables and overt school violence among adolescents (Manuscript in Spanish)
Samuel Crespo-Ramos, Ana Romero-Abrio, Belén Martínez-Ferrer, Gonzalo Musitu
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 125-30
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