Psychosocial Intervention Psychosocial Intervention
December 2017
Vol. 26. No. 3.
Pages 131-188
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Free articleEffects of implementation fidelity of the results of a preventive intervention in school mental health: A multilevel analysis (Manuscript in Spanish)
Rodrigo Rojas-Andrade, Loreto Leiva-Bahamondes, Ana María Belén Vargas, Ana María Squicciarini-Navarro
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 147-54
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Free articleEmpowerment, liberation and human development (Manuscript in Spanish)
Alipio Sánchez-Vidal
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 155-63
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Free articleA cognitive-behavioural intervention improves cognition in caregivers of people with autism spectrum disorder: A pilot study
Angel Romero-Martínez, Nicolás Ruiz-Robledillo, Patricia Sariñana-González, Sara de Andrés-García, Sara Vitoria-Estruch, Luis Moya-Albiol
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 165-70
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Free articleEducation-earnings linkage for assessing societal benefits of interventions for children and youth in Sweden
Lars Hultkrantz, Patrik Karpaty, Elin Vimefall
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 171-9
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Free articleImplementing a braided home-based parent-support curriculum: Lessons learned
Kate Guastaferro, Katy Miller, John R. Lutzker, Daniel James Whitaker, Jenelle Shanley Chatham, Betty S. Lai, Allison Kemner
Psychosocial Intervention 26 (2017) 181-7
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